Jugo Juice

What's in your smoothie?
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The Challenge

Jugo Juice creates a premium smoothie – made only with fresh greens, whole fruit, no fillers, and never any added sugar. Higher quality ingredients demand higher prices – a hard sell in a market with an ever increasing supply of low quality, sugary smoothies.

The Approach

Research told us that, outside the loyal Jugo Juice fan base, the general public didn’t know the difference between a premium smoothie, or a low quality one laden with fillers. Our approach was to educate the audience on both the health, flavour, and benefits of a Jugo Juice smoothie.

The Solution

We built a website for Jugo Juice, with detailed content about the smoothies. A smoothie selector helps customers find the right one for them. And educational pages help outline the difference between smoothie brands. But Jugo Juice was going to need more than just a website to reach new customers. We launched targeted campaigns, each one tailored to different audiences, educating the public on the benefits of Jugo Juice. We asked them, “What’s in your smoothie?” Through a series of videos and display ads, we promoted not just Jugo Juice – but better health overall. With each campaign we monitored results, allowing us to customize existing and new campaigns, focusing on the best performing audiences with the best creative.