Good Earth Coffeehouse

Evolving a franchise one coffee at a time
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The Challenge

Good Earth Coffeehouse started as a local, independent coffeeshop committed to the environment, community, wholesome food – and great coffee. After evolving into a franchise model, and expanding nationwide, Good Earth needed to modernize, without losing the brand equity it had built up in Calgary.

Our Approach

With over 20 existing locations, with a 7 year refresh lifecycle, a complete rebrand wasn’t feasible. Instead, we implemented a phased approach, tweaking the brand with new elements bit by bit. A brand style guide was introduced that would lead the direction of future campaigns. Fonts were modernized. A cleaner, more contemporary photo style was adopted in campaigns. A new, consistent colour palette was introduced. A refreshed logo was introduced that would not feel out of place with the older one. We introduced a social media strategy that was efficient and relevant. A bilingual approach was designed for the Quebec audience. Campaign by campaign, coffee bag by coffee bag, we slowly evolved the brand to a more contemporary look – without alienating existing customers.

The Results

Good Earth Coffeehouse has expanded nationwide to over 46 locations, more than doubling their size since we began working with them. Their brand is now recognized in more than 25 cities across Canada.

  • Full new line of packaging
  • New brand identity implemented
  • # of locations more than doubled