We’ve worked with UCalgary from 2017 to the present. With varying lead contacts on many video projects, we worked with teams across academic departments on videos ranging from promotional campaigns and informational series to a mini-documentary called Key of T.

Key of T
Key of T chronicles the journey of Ari Agha, a transgender singer, as they navigate the impact of taking testosterone on their singing voice. Facing uncertainty and minimal guidance, Ari documents their voice transition through an interactive autoethnographic music/theater performance, incorporating storytelling, video footage, projection, soundscape, and singing. The project encompasses various facets, including rigorous empirical research on transgender singing voice transition, choir consultation emphasizing inclusivity and challenging systemic norms, and a documentary film, "Key of T," which has been showcased at film festivals and awards ceremonies. Ultimately, Key of T aims to disrupt traditional gender binaries and challenge societal structures rooted in white supremacy, colonialism, and cis-heteropatriarchy. We are honoured to play a part of this project and to create the documentary - producing, directing, shooting and editing.
Freshwater Creative has collaborated with the University of Calgary (UCalgary), producing a series of compelling videos that showcase the university's diverse programs, research initiatives, and vibrant campus life. We have crafted visually engaging content that effectively communicates UCalgary's values and achievements, not only highlighting academic excellence but also capture the essence of the university's commitment to innovation, community, and student success. Our expertise in visual storytelling has played a pivotal role in elevating UCalgary's brand presence and fostering a deeper connection with its audience, both within and beyond the academic community.
Digital & Animation
Our work with UCalgary has ranged from large videos showcasing the University or individual departments, to presentations, digital signage for events, animation templates for social, and other animated elements.