Social Media
The Website
The community of Fort McMurray has grown, and so has its airport. We created a new site for FMAA from the ground up, with an easy-to-update WordPress integration. Flight status is kept current and accurate by integrating the website with FMAA's flight tracking platform. Research showed that over 80% of site traffic was from mobile devices, so we designed the new site with a mobile-first approach to give travellers an efficient experience. The site design is clean and streamlined, matching the airport experience FMAA provides. It features an interactive map, parking calculator, built-in accessibility features, and a language selector to help all travellers quickly and easily find what they need.
Tucson Campaign
FMAA recently expanded its destinations with direct flights to Tucson, Arizona and Montreal, QC. We created a multi-channel campaign to promote Tucson as a newly available destination and ensure seats were full when the new flights started. Digital display and print ads were created for in-airport display. We created 3D feature installations with live cacti, sand, and 3D decals on the floor, giving the illusion of hiking the caves near Tucson. External campaign materials included posters, bus wraps, billboards, and fence hoarding to further promote the campaign. Online tactics included display and search advertising, social posts, and videos highlighting Tucson's versatility and unique activities.
Annual Report
We've worked with Fort McMurray Airport Authority for many years to create engaging digital and print annual reports. While the primary purpose of the reports is to highlight the organization's financials, more importantly, they provide an opportunity to feature the community and airport to a broader audience and others in the airline industry.
Social Media & Messaging
FMAA engaged Freshwater for social media strategy and the creation of reusable design templates, seeking to develop a regular cadence of informative posts for their social platforms. We created a detailed plan with a posting schedule and various content types, ensuring that a range of prioritized topics was covered at a pace that would inform travellers and the community. By creating a standard look and feel for social messaging, along with customizable templates, we created a unified, cohesive look to their messaging. The program increased engagement and followers and achieved the goal of having regular posting and ongoing reporting moved in-house once all elements were in place.
The Result
In December of 2022, FMAA's new fully-optimized and accessible site launched with features such as integrated flight status, parking calculator, retail, and arrival planning for travellers, along with community and corporate content for tours and commercial and retail opportunities. The site is now faster and more stable with integrated analytics and reporting. They can now monitor and track the performance and impact of ongoing optimization and changes. The Tucson campaign was a complete success, with sold-out flights. The annual reports have elevated Fort McMurray's stature across the continent. In 2022, FMAA was named North America's best airport of its size, the cleanest and most enjoyable, by the Airport Service Quality Awards. We're proud to say we work with the best in the industry!


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