Freshwater Creative has been working with AMA for the better part of the last decade to shape and redefine their online strategy. A new strategy and a rolling cycle of social video posts has helped boost AMA’s presence in Alberta, especially to newer, younger audiences.

The Challenge
The Alberta Motor Association has a lot of messages they want to deliver to their existing Members and to newcomers! Freshwater has taken up the challenge, producing an extensive series of videos that explain policy, encourage membership, explore Membership advantages, and much more.
The Approach
AMA and Freshwater decided bite-sized videos that delivered targeted messages in an entertaining way were the best approach. Ranging in length from 30 seconds to about 2 minutes, each video outlines or explains AMA programs, insurance, roadside assistance, offers, and AMA rewards.
Our Solution
The creative approach can range from the sublime to the silly. Case in point, every year AMA produces an April Fools video that pokes a little fun – mostly at themselves – and AMA subscribers have come to look forward to these yearly comedic videos! Alternatively, Freshwater has also produced video series that educate drivers about rule changes, tips for the current driving conditions, vehicle maintenance, and so on.  There are videos about contests and travel packages that have been launched to engage both AMA Members and the general public.
The Results
AMA’s Facebook page, website and other social media platforms have seen a substantial growth in viewership. The last April Fool's video enjoyed more than 200,000 views in the first two days! The relationship has evolved and grown over the past several years. For Freshwater, it’s a partnership that’s become a constant source of pride and satisfaction. Here's a few more videos we're proud of.


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